In the months since the company unveiled its new home and kitchen, its stock has surged nearly 40 percent.

The company’s shares are up about 40% in the past year.

What’s more, the company has built a loyal customer base, as evidenced by the number of people who have purchased the house for less than $1 million.

Here are five things to remember about El Dorados: The El Doradas Are All-Inclusive: This new home comes with a fully furnished living room with a double bed, two king-sized double beds and a double bunk bed.

The home is also fitted with a two-car garage, and a custom-built gas-powered electric car that can travel 30 miles on a single charge.

The house also comes with stainless-steel appliances, including a gas oven and a dishwasher.

A custom kitchen is also available for $9,500.

The El Doreas Are New: The family’s current home, which they bought in 2015, was built in the 1970s and has been outfitted with modern appliances.

It also comes equipped with a 24-inch television and an HD projector.

A new, more spacious home is on the way that will have its own living area, and it will be the first home of its kind in the U.S. The $1.9 million home is a two bedroom, one bathroom, three-bathroom home, and is located on an acre of land at 1655 W. Main St., Suite 815.

The current home is being designed by architect David L. Johnson, who also designed the newly completed, all-inclusive El Dorada home in California.

He is a New York-based architect who designed the new home for the Dorea family.

The two-story home is designed by New York firm Jones, Hart, Crenshaw, and Associates, and will be built in two phases.

The first phase is a “home first” design.

This means the home will be designed by a local architect, then the two-building phase will be completed.

The second phase will incorporate “a lot of the amenities of a family home, but in a new way,” said El Doradans spokesperson, Scott DeBartolo.

“The first phase will include an outdoor living room, with a full kitchen, full bathroom, and the family’s very own outdoor fire pit, where they can cook, entertain and socialize.”

El Dorads Home: The new home has been designed by the same team that designed the home that the Dores own.

The new interior includes a fireplace, fireplace mantel, and three-car garages.

The living room includes a double sink, a double vanity, a three-drawer cabinet, a wall-mounted couch, and two more shelves that can hold books.

The dining room features a separate dining table and a full bar.

There is also a separate lounge area and an outdoor dining table with a view of the ocean and an adjacent waterfall.

The kitchen includes a full sink, microwave, and stove, plus an electric oven.

The full bathtub can hold two people.

The bathtub, which sits on a pedestal, is an indoor/outdoor space.

A wall-sized, full-size, double bed is also included.

The main living room features four bedrooms with two full baths and a separate sitting area.

There are also three full bathrooms and a dining area.

The backyard features a three car garage and a covered walkway.

The patio is also equipped with solar panels.

The garden features a terrace, and there is also access to a swimming pool and a basketball court.

The entire home can be accessed by a driveway.

The bedrooms are equipped with full bathrooms, and four separate full bath rooms.

The garage is equipped with three full bathrooms.

The three-story living room also features two separate bedrooms.

The outdoor living area includes a porch, a pool, a basketball hoop, and an electric grill.

The porch is attached to the porch, and has a view overlooking the ocean.

The exterior of the home is covered with a large wall mural and a large banner reading “El Dorado Home.”

The kitchen is equipped for three people.

A pool table is also attached to one of the walls of the kitchen.

The large pool table can hold up to four people.

There’s also a private balcony on the patio, and another balcony overlooking the sea.

There was a fire on the property in 2016.

El Doradeas Owners Will Be Using the Home for a Series of Events and Events The family will be hosting its first ever event for the home, a “Homecoming” celebration.

They will be holding a series of “Homecomings” throughout the summer, where the family will come together and show off the home to the public, and guests will be able to use the El Dorades’ “lawn mower” to cut lawns.

There will also be

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