The West Elm is the world’s most famous oak, with over a million species.

If you’re wondering why you should care, it’s because of its unique structure and history.

As we’ve learned from our trip, the tree has been around for hundreds of thousands of years.

The west elmire is the oldest surviving species of oak in North America, dating back over 600,000 years.

It has a thick trunk, which makes it easy to cut and move around.

The branches have long since fallen into decay, but the wood has not.

When the trees were first planted, it was believed that they could not survive outside.

The trees have also been known to spread diseases, but experts say it’s unlikely that any of them are currently responsible for any of the worlds most devastating diseases.

If we could plant the trees, we could save the world, says Tom Mazzuca, who is working on the book, A New History of the West Elm.

He’s also an avid tree lover.

“They’ve always been an important part of our culture,” he says.

“It’s been a part of life, and now it’s time to save it.”

What to Know The West Elms are a long-lived, long-distance, and very large tree that lives in parts of the US, including Florida.

They’re very similar to other species of west elmal, and they are a popular choice for ornamental trees.

West elm trees are one of the most popular ornamental species of trees, and their growth is a major part of the tree’s history.

They have also become a source of disease for many people, and researchers believe the disease is spread by mites.

A West Elm tree has a long trunk that makes it a good place to cut the branches down.

The wood is soft, which allows it to easily be moved around.

Tom Mazuca is one of many scientists studying the disease spread by the West Elm trees.

Tom’s research is focused on the trees genetic legacy.

The tree’s roots have long been a source for disease-carrying mites, which he says are “probably a main cause of the disease that we’re seeing now.”

Mazau says it’s also important to look at the history of the trees roots and its relationships to other trees in the area.

“I’m also interested in the history and how these trees came to be, as well as how the West elms came to spread disease,” he said.

West Elm trees are also used as furniture, with their distinctive shape.

“One of the things that really fascinated me about them was the way they would form a log, and it was a very simple and simple process to make that log,” says Mazzau.

“So, for me, it seemed like they were designed to be used as a way to keep warm, and the way to get warmth from the ground.”

West elmas are an important source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but they’re also a source that contributes to global warming.

It’s the tree that’s the source of the largest amount of CO2, according to NASA, which suggests that the trees’ wood may help to cool the world.

If it did, Mazzucas research could shed light on what caused that.

What we know about West Elm Trees, What to Expect in 2018, and Where to See them in 2019 The West elmos is a long distance species that travels over hundreds of miles to get to the site where it grows.

The researchers say it can reach temperatures as high as 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average temperature at the site of a West Elm Tree is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit at the end of its life.

West Elmas have been around since the 1600s, and are found in parts in southern California, southern Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Florida.

Tom said the research will focus on the tree as a whole, which could provide some clues about what might be causing the disease.

Tom has a PhD in environmental sciences, and hopes to get his PhD in tree ecology soon.

He is currently studying the history, biology, and ecology of the west alms, as they’re a great way to study the spread of diseases.

“We want to understand how this disease was brought into this area by the tree and to figure out what might have caused it,” he explains.

Tom and his research team will be focusing on the genetics of the wood.

Tom is also working on a study of the genetic legacy of the plants that were once grown on the site, which is where the WestElms are most closely related.

Tom says he’s excited to start doing research on the plant genetics of those trees.

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