When you think of Nebraska, you probably think of the state’s history of building up a reputation as the “Nebraska of the West.”

But what does that mean?

And is there anything in the state better than the rest of the US?

In Nebraska, there are many things that are not available to the rest on this list.

The state is not one of the top five most expensive states in the country (according to a recent report from the Brookings Institution), and is still home to one of America’s most expensive prisons.

But what makes Nebraska a great place to live is its economy.

The country’s fifth largest state, Nebraska’s economy has been expanding at a fast clip for the past decade.

Nebraska is the home of one of two large tech companies, Nebraska-based Google and Nebraska-owned Omaha-based Microsoft.

The state’s economy is booming, and it’s the reason why the state is so popular.

In 2017, Nebraska had an annual GDP of $9.4 billion.

And with this kind of growth comes jobs.

Nebraska has an unemployment rate of 4.5 percent, which is less than half the national average.

That’s why it’s one of just a handful of states where more than half of all employed people are either employed or looking for work.

Here are the five reasons why Nebraska is great for people looking to move to:1.

Nebraska’s top-ranked job market: Omaha-area tech2.

Omaha’s tech talent pool3.

The most affordable housing in the US4.

The largest number of people working in technology in one place5.

The least expensive housing in NebraskaWhen people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I am a software developer.

But it’s not just a job that makes me happy.

The Nebraska Software Developer’s Association (NTSA), which represents over 20,000 software developers, estimates that more than 90 percent of its members earn more than $100,000 per year.

It’s a great job to be a software programmer, and that’s why people who move to Nebraska want to make the move.

“We get a lot of support from people that we can’t reach on our own,” said Mike Schieber, the NTSA’s vice president for state government and local government.

“And it makes our job easier.

If we’re looking for someone that will be the right fit for the job, then we’ve got a lot more options.”

In fact, Nebraska has been named one of Business Insider’s best places to live in the nation.

The Omaha metro area is home to an average of 1.6 million residents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

And for many, moving to Omaha will mean getting a job in the tech sector that can pay a lot, and also a home that is safe and warm.

That includes living in the suburbs.

The average rent in Omaha is $2,100, according the Greater Omaha Area Council.

The median household income in Omaha, according an estimate by the Greater Kansas City Area Council, is $55,000.

If you’re looking to make a move, you’re going to need to look for affordable housing that will make you feel comfortable, as well as the right amount of flexibility.

The top five reasons to move:1.)

Omaha’s top job market2.)

Omaha tech talent3.)

The most available housing in America4.)

The least-expensive housing in stateIf you’re interested in moving to Nebraska, and the tech industry in general, you’ll want to look at all the different companies and universities in the region.

There are over 30 of them in the area, and they all provide good paying jobs.

If the tech market is booming in Omaha or Kansas City, you can bet that you’ll be able to find the right tech company to help you out.

If Nebraska is one of your top jobs, then you’ll definitely want to get a job at one of these companies.

In fact, the University of Nebraska Omaha is one such company that has an opening right now.

The university has been working to increase its workforce and its student body by 20 percent in the past year.

That means more than 2,000 people are now working at the university’s IT and information technology department, and nearly 7,000 students are enrolled in its College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS).

These jobs are all very important to the university, as it plans to expand its campus in the future.

So the number of students enrolled at the University is important to those looking to start their career in IT.

The university has a lot to offer its students, and there’s a lot that you can do to help them get their feet wet in the field.

“Our main priority is getting the students and faculty working,” said Kirk Wooten, the president of the university.

“We’re working on a plan to increase the number and variety of opportunities for students and instructors.

We’re looking at a variety of programs, including summer internships

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