The home-building industry has long struggled with a lack of options for homes with high-end features.

But Georgia may finally be poised to make home-buying more appealing, with a new law that lets homeowners choose the type of home they want.

The Georgia Department of Land and Natural Resources says the law will allow buyers to choose their style, and to select materials that are appropriate for the type and size of home.

The law goes into effect on January 1, 2018.

The state’s home-design guidelines are based on the idea that “a home should have a homey, rustic feel,” said Chris Leggett, the department’s director of state programs.

“A house that’s rustic in its look, but with modern amenities like modern kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms.”

Leggett said that Georgia is one of only a handful of states that allows homeowners to choose from three types of homes that are “in harmony with their needs.”

Leggy style, Legget said, is “a classic Georgian house with a modern flair, a large living room with lots of windows, and a large garage, and it’s also a house that has a lot of natural light and natural light in the kitchen, where it looks a lot like a traditional kitchen in a home.”

The department’s guidelines also state that a home with “very low” energy costs is considered to be a “low-energy house,” and that a “very large home” is considered a “large house.”

Leggetti says Georgia has the lowest energy costs in the country, but that “the cost of energy per kilowatt hour is very high.”

The Department of State and Environment also recommends that a house should be “a good example of Georgian design,” and “have the following characteristics: The house should have lots of natural elements, and natural materials such as granite and wood are common, and they should be kept clean and well-maintained.”

Leggy style homes are considered to have “the best natural beauty and architecture,” Leggetts said.

A home with a lot, or a lot and a lot.

Leggets said that while there are exceptions, the overall idea is to “have a very wide living area, with lots and lots of places for people to hang out, hang out and socialize.”

Leggie style homes have been popular in the U.S. for years, and many Georgia residents are excited to see their homes take shape in the state.

The home of the Atlanta Braves was designed by Leggettes’ daughter, Lauren.

A lot of Georgia’s big city houses, including Atlanta’s downtown, were designed by her mother, Leona.

In 2016, Leavitt said that he wanted to buy into Leggette’s dream of making Georgia’s homes more like those in New York and Chicago, with high ceilings, low walls and lots and plenty of natural lighting.

“I was just really excited about the idea of owning a house in Georgia that looked like New York or Chicago,” Leavit said.

“It was going to be really good looking.

I thought it would be really special.”

But Leavett has also been forced to adjust to a new reality in Georgia.

“The new rules have taken a lot out of me,” he said.

Leavtt’s home was remodeled after a tornado ripped through his hometown of Jackson in 2018, which left the interior of the house in disrepair.

Leevitt said he was able to sell his house, but was still able to pay $15,000 for it.

“The cost of my property was more than I could afford,” he explained.

Leavitt also said that the state is facing “very significant economic challenges.”

According to Leggetta, the state has lost nearly $200 million in federal aid over the past decade.

In 2019, the Georgia Department for Economic Development reported that the unemployment rate in Georgia has jumped from 7.6 percent in 2016 to 12.4 percent in 2019.

The department has also lost a quarter of a million jobs since 2009.

Leigitt says he’s worried about the cost of living, and is trying to sell everything he has in order to help pay for a new house.

“I have a lot to lose,” he told ABC News.

“My wife is in college, and I’m not getting paid for anything.”

Leavett said he plans to stay in Jackson to raise his family, and will also be working as a landscaper in the city.

“We’re not leaving Jackson,” he added.

“Our hearts are still here.

We’re still here.”

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