The IKEa outdoor Furniture line is getting a new look with a new design that looks to incorporate some of the modern trends in outdoor furniture.

The new line of outdoor furniture, which includes the Outdoor Furniture 3-D and the Outdoor 3-Day Outdoor Living, will be available in three sizes: a 4-foot-long, a 6-foot, and a 12-foot model.

The four sizes come with a variety of different designs to fit your outdoor living space and are available starting April 1.

IKEas newest indoor furniture will be the Outdoor 4-Foot and Outdoor 6-Foot models.

The 4- and 6-feet models will be a bit pricier than the 3- and 5-foot models, but they will still have the same design features and the same overall design concept.

The 3-Foot model is currently on sale in a variety and will cost $2,799.99.

The 6- Foot model will cost an additional $1,199.99 and will be priced at $3,799 for a 4.25-foot and $5,299.99 for a 6.5-foot.

The new outdoor furniture will come with four wall mounting options: a single-wall, a double-wall and a triple-wall.

The wall mounting is a bit different than the one found on the standard wall mounting, with a three-pronged design, which can be attached to the back of a wall and can be accessed by pulling on the two handles that surround the wall.

The handles can be removed for the entire length of the wall and the new wall mounting offers a great way to access the new design without having to worry about pulling out the wall mount or having to pull out the mounting bracket.

The design of the triple-Wall model is a great addition to the design, as it can be installed on top of the existing wall.

This new wall mount allows the triple wall to be installed directly on top the existing one.

This allows for easy removal of the two walls.

The outdoor wall mounting also has an easy-to-access mounting bracket that can be used to mount any existing wall, which allows for more easy wall access.

The triple wall is a nice option to have in your living space.

The next generation outdoor furniture comes with a brand new design called the 3D Outdoor.

This is the 3rd generation outdoor product from IKEAs company.

The 3D outdoor is designed to be used as a wall mount for your existing wall and has three separate wall mounting slots that are removable.

The three wall mounting locations are on the sides, back, and top of your existing room.

The 4-D model is available in four sizes and will retail for $2,-99.99, a price that will drop to $1,-99 for the 6-D.

The 5-D will retail at $2.49,-99 and the 6D will be $2 – $3.49 for the same size.

The Outdoor 4D and 6D are both available for $3,-99 each.

The IKE outdoor products are all on the same level, but IKE is offering the Outdoor Outdoor Living model that comes with the ability to be attached vertically to any existing room wall.

There is a sliding tray on the outside of the Outdoor Living that allows the user to attach the Outdoor living furniture.

The Outdoor Living models come with the same wall mounting system as the 3d outdoor, but it will not be a wall mounting that comes on top.

Instead, it will be on top, which will be accessible by pulling the two handle to the side of the Wall mount.

The wall mounting will be very easy to pull apart and detach from the wall with a little bit of care.

This means that the wall can be easily removed and replaced without having the wall attached to your existing furniture.

It is a very simple system and IKE also claims that the new outdoor living furniture will not only look good but will also be less expensive than the standard outdoor living products.

The third generation of outdoor products will be made by IKE in collaboration with Outdoor Brands.

The newest outdoor furniture is the Outdoor Kitchen and Outdoor Bathroom.

The Kitchen model comes with six different wall mounting holes, and it is available for a minimum of $1.99,-799.

The Bathroom model will have five wall mounting features and comes with four different wall holes, which is priced at a minimum at $1 – $2 per hole.

The outdoor kitchen is also available for the price of $2 and the outdoor bathroom is $2 for a single and $2-4 for a double.

The previous generation of IKE products are still available for purchase through the IKE online store, but the Outdoor Garden and Outdoor House will no longer be available through the store.

Instead they will be offered through select outdoor retailers.

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