How a love of furniture ended up costing a $200,000 home

One of the most memorable moments of my life came in November 2015 when I was a single man living in New York City.I had just moved from the suburbs of Los Angeles to Brooklyn with my girlfriend of five years.We’d met in college and were living in a rental house with our roommate.One night, […]

Amazon’s Best Free Furniture Deals: Free Shipping in 10 Cities

Now Playing: Apple’s new iPhones will be able to stream video from your television to your Mac, and Amazon is giving you a chance to get a free copy of the next iPhone Plus, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says.Now Playing ‘Loyalty Program’ Could Be Amazon’s Biggest Deal of 2017 Now Playing Amazon’s new Echo speaker […]

What is the world’s largest hotel?

The world’s second-largest hotel has opened in Dubai, with its own unique style and decor.Dubai’s new $200 million Hotel Al Arabiya boasts two floors and a retractable roof, a sauna and hot tub.The resort, which opened in August, has rooms with balconies, and an outdoor patio.“It is the perfect location for guests who enjoy a […]

How to get rid of your expensive and pointless furniture

The problem with most of our furniture is not the pieces themselves but how they are put together.When you are buying something new, you want it to be something that is durable and beautiful.And that means making sure that every piece has a purpose and is functional.We’ve found that the perfect furniture is the perfect […]

What’s the deal with Walmart and the outdoor furniture business?

Walmart is reportedly considering selling its outdoor furniture division, the outdoor equipment division, and the business that builds the equipment into the entire business, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.The news comes as Walmart grapples with growing consumer backlash over its decision to cut thousands of jobs and shift to a more profitable […]

How to make an American freight train set furniture sets

When you’re ready to add a little something extra to your home, consider making an American rail train set.These furniture sets feature everything you’ll need to get up and running in your home: wooden frame, rail, rails, rail sets, and rails.All of these pieces can be bought online for as little as $20.You’ll need the […]

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