I’ve never been a big fan of stadium lighting.

But I’m willing to give the lights a try.

This post explains how to install the bulbs in a home stadium.


Locate a spot near the middle of the field.

The lights need to be visible from the stands.

The easiest way to locate the center of the stadium is near the end zone.


Put the bulbs on.

You’ll want to position the bulbs near the sideline and on the far end of the bleachers, just past the end line.


Put on the lights.

The bulbs are fairly easy to find, and can be installed with a pair of electrical tape or electrical tape strips, depending on your stadium.

I chose to install my bulbs in the bleacher section, about 5 feet from the sideline.

The tape strips were just barely hanging over the wall and were easy to attach.

The strips came in three colors: green, blue, and purple.

The LEDs were installed on the outside of the strip.


Put it on.

The stadium is very bright and I like to turn on the stadium lights as I’m entering and leaving the stadium.

If you’re going to do it in your home, be sure to put the lights right next to the seats.


Turn on the fans.

If the lights aren’t illuminating enough, turn on fans at least for a couple of minutes.

That way, fans won’t be in the way of the lights while you’re playing.


Put your stadium lights on.

If there are no lights to illuminate, install the stadium’s first light bulb, then turn on your lights and fans.

Make sure the stadium lighting systems have all the lights working correctly.

If they aren’t, start a timer.

That will keep you informed of the progress of the bulbs.


Put them back on.

When you get home, turn off the lights and put the stadium back to normal.

You can then adjust the bulbs’ settings to see how they’re doing.

If it still isn’t bright enough, you can go to the stadium site and check for damage.

You could also try turning off fans in your area.


Check out the lights in action.

The LED bulbs are easy to control and can even be controlled from your phone.

To control the stadium, go to your home stadium and select the stadium settings, then select “lights.”


Turn them on.

Now, go back to your phone and check to see if your stadium is lighting up again.

If so, you’re set.

If not, you’ll have to re-start the stadium and re-adjust the lights to get them to the right spot.


Check your stadium’s lights.

Your stadium should now be lit up once again.

The same system applies to your team’s home game.

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