Kincaid, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Kincays are not the first or the only store to offer an inexpensive alternative to the pricey chain stores.

But it seems like every time a Kincair store opens its doors, more people flock to it.

“The word is out and it’s amazing,” said Tom Kincay, president of the Kincanyk’s Discount Group, a discount chain that also sells furniture, clothing and accessories.

“We’re selling a great deal on our furniture.”

“I would just like to tell people to come out and shop in the Kinkies,” said Steve Kincas.

“Just be patient.”

The store, located in the heart of Kincaney, Pa., opened on Monday, July 15, and will sell everything from old-fashioned furniture to modern home furnishings and other products.

It’s one of many chains to open their doors to serve the new shoppers.

Kincamalls have become so popular that Kincades and Kincadys have become staples of malls, and there are dozens of other chains with similar stores around the country.

In the past few years, Kincads have become a hot seller in malls and in small towns.

KINCASHI, Ohio — KINCADES’ DISCOUNT CLUB — Kinshasa, Rwanda (CNN)– The biggest draw for people is that it’s the cheapest.

The store has been open since November and it sells cheap goods like toiletries, toys, clothes and even toilet paper.

I can understand the frustration that the people are experiencing,” said Janice Kinca, owner of the shop.

Kincades, which is based in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, is one of the countrys largest discount stores, with more than 80 stores nationwide.

The stores offer the latest in high-tech, design and modern products.

They sell items like a $500,000 house, which costs $5,000, an iPad, a $100,000 computer, an electric guitar, and a $300,000 wine rack.

Kincadies owner said it’s a great way to save a little money while still looking good.”

You can really feel it when you go to the Kinks, it’s like being at a spa,” said store owner Steve K. K. “

You’re not paying too much and you’re not putting too much pressure on your budget.

You can really feel it when you go to the Kinks, it’s like being at a spa,” said store owner Steve K. K. 

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