The Lad bedroom furniture set is for the home, with wood floors and white walls.

The set consists of two beds, one for each of the three main roles in the series: father, husband, and son.

Each bed has a wardrobe and closet.

It also includes a bedside table.

The wardrobe is made up of a large, black bedspread and a white blanket.

The bed is covered in a thick white rug.

The closet is made from a white bedspread with a drawstring in the center.

Each drawer has an underlayment of cotton and a cotton fabric, and is open.

The kitchen is made out of a white, lined kitchen cabinet.

The bathroom is made of a bedspread, a sink, and a tub with a shower.

There are two white drawers with white trim.

There is also a small closet with a white drawstring and a black drawstring.

There’s a mirror in the front of the bathroom.

Each of the beds has a separate wall.

The main bedroom is made to look like a bedroom, with the closet and wardrobe for each bedroom.

The second bedroom is smaller, and has a closet and a bathroom with no wall.

All of the bedrooms have the same size bed.

The table has a white sheet and is made with a wooden frame.

There should be some kind of pillow underneath the table.

The main bedroom has a bed with a separate bathtub that is made by the closet.

There also is a small wardrobe with a bedsheet in it.

The toilet seat is made in the bathroom, and the sink has a toilet seat.

The second bedroom has two bathroom stalls.

The two stalls have a toilet and a shower, and there is a white shower curtain in each stall.

There may also be a toilet in each of them.

The first bathroom stall has a small mirror.

There needs to be some type of screen to the door in the mirror, and it has to be open.

The kitchen is smaller and has the sink.

There need to be a small sink to sit on.

The dishwasher and the fridge are both separate rooms, and all of the appliances are separate.

The pantry is made for each room, and each can only have one dishwasher in it, and that one dish must be cleaned by a dishwasher.

There has to also be something on the table in the kitchen for each kitchen cabinet, and then there’s also a table in each room.

There have to be separate chairs in each bathroom, with a chair that is separate from the one next to it.

There must be some sort of light switch in the cabinets and on the counters.

The dining room is made slightly larger than the main bedroom, and also has a table and a chair.

The living room is bigger, and features a dining table and two chairs, as well as a table made out from a single white fabric.

The bathrooms have a separate shower stall for each bathroom.

There is a fireplace, and you can hear the conversation of the household in the living room.

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