GEORGE STEPHENSON: I’m not a doctor, but this is a pretty good starting point.

I’m actually a little bit concerned about some of these states, because if you look at our state, I believe Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Florida.

But you have to have some pretty big problems, so I think that it’s probably safe for everyone to visit those states.

I think there are a couple of other states that I think are really hard to go, that I don’t think would be very good for the country, but you have the other states.

If you look across the country and you look around, you have other states where you can go and do things that you can’t go in some places, but they’re really nice places to live.

MARILYN FARLEY: So do you think this is going to happen, or not?

I think it will happen, and I don.

I do think it’s going to continue to happen.

But we are not going to let this one stop us.

We’re not going away, we’re going to keep on going.


I don t think it’ll stop anytime soon, but I think this year it’s gonna happen a little less, but we are going to get through this.

We have to.

We are not stopping.

We got to keep pushing.

We will keep pushing and keep going.

We don’t need to just be doing the things we are doing.

We need to be doing something else.

MARLYN FARAGE: And how do you see that?

GEORGE STEVEN KING: Well, I don c h o u n t e d d o n t o t h e n g i t s.

MARELYN FARHAGE: But you do see the economy, do you?

GEORGIA: Well I do, because we have to keep working.

We can’t let it slide off the cliff.

We’ve got to continue pushing.

MARION BUSH: And you see the country as it is today, George?

GEOSSA BUSH, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: Well this is what I saw.

It’s really scary.

We had this whole thing about, you know, you can do it.

You know, what do you want to do with your life?

And you go to college, you get an A. You get a job.

You have a job, you go home.

And you say, Well, what can I do with this?

What can I learn from this?

And they’re like, No.

No, you don’t get to learn.

You don’t have a chance.

And it’s very sad, because I was in school and I was a big student and I think I did everything I was supposed to do and I got an A and they were like, Oh, you didn’t do everything you were supposed to.

And I just thought, Well that’s why I got this A. MARCUS SCHERER: But there is one thing that I really love about the way we live in America today is the economy.

It is a very good thing.

And we are seeing it come back.

We did not have a recession, we did not go into this debt crisis, and we are finally beginning to see real economic growth.

But it is really important to be concerned about that.

It really is a national problem.

I believe it is one that we need to address.

MARIA BOWERS: Well when I heard about the financial crisis, it reminded me of what you said before, but it does sound more urgent and much more urgent now than ever.

GEORGIUS STEPHENSEN: Well that was a wonderful question.

MARCELLA MARINO: Thank you very much for having me, Mr. President.


We welcome you to the United States, Mr President.

I am Georgios Stephensen.

Thank you for inviting us here today.

MARCA BOWEN: It’s a pleasure.

GEOSA STEPHANSEN: Thank You, Marcella.

MARCARA BRUNO: Thank U.N. Ambassador Gerard.

GEORY STEPHANOV: We appreciate your coming to the U.K. to visit the United Kingdom.

It would be a pleasure for us to visit you here and hear about the challenges that face our citizens.


GEORSCHEK STEPHESEN: Thanks very much.

GEARY STEPHANIEN: We are very proud to welcome you and your family and friends to the UK, and it would be our pleasure to take you to our beautiful beaches, our magnificent gardens and the beaches that we love.

I know that you are a

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