The Real Housewives of New Jersey star ‘is not interested in the ‘unfortunate’ stories’ of the ‘overly emotional’ cast

Now Playing: ‘Handsome and Handsomely Faced’ host shares his best-selling books Now Playing ‘The Real Housewife’ star tells the story of her life with her husband and child Now Playing Trump says he’s ‘not ready to accept’ that he won’t be president Now Playing The real-life drama that led to the resignation of President Trump […]

Why does the ‘love seat’ at a hotel pool cost more than the pool table?

This cheap, two-person ‘love chair’ is just the kind of thing that makes you think about how much you’re paying for your pool table.But is this really what you need?The truth is that you might not need a ‘love seating’ at all.Here’s why it’s so tempting.A ‘love’ seating is essentially a cheap table or chair […]

My mom just left the house without saying goodbye

I grew up in a house that never spoke to me.It was always empty.My mom died before I was born.I had a lot of kids, but it was always a struggle to figure out how to communicate with them, or even to connect with my mom’s friends.My dad never spoke about her.My grandmother and her […]

How to fix the furniture that’s getting messed up in the living room

Posted September 07, 2018 05:31:53 In this week’s episode of the MSNBC podcast “The Hardball Reunion,” host Chris Hayes joins host Matt Lauer to discuss the recent furniture craze that’s been plaguing the living rooms of many Americans.Hayes says it’s because of the popularity of television, which is now the most popular form of entertainment […]

How to make a water tank from liquidators

The liquidators of the future will be equipped with a water filtration system and a portable air purifier that can be used to clean water off your home and away from your body.You’ll also be able to clean your home with your own home-brewed coffee or tea or even a spray bottle. Liquidators can purify a […]

How to Keep Your Home Beautiful with Broyhill Furniture

Broy Hill Furniture is known for its furniture and home decor pieces, but their latest addition is a large sofa.BroyHill furniture specializes in furniture, and it also has a range of other house and kitchen products.For the price of a small rug, this sofa will be sure to impress the house guests with its spaciousness […]

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