How to save money and still get the bang for your buck in the big city

Kincaid, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Kincays are not the first or the only store to offer an inexpensive alternative to the pricey chain stores.But it seems like every time a Kincair store opens its doors, more people flock to it.“The word is out and it’s amazing,” said Tom Kincay, president of the Kincanyk’s Discount Group, a […]

Amazon’s Best Free Furniture Deals: Free Shipping in 10 Cities

Now Playing: Apple’s new iPhones will be able to stream video from your television to your Mac, and Amazon is giving you a chance to get a free copy of the next iPhone Plus, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says.Now Playing ‘Loyalty Program’ Could Be Amazon’s Biggest Deal of 2017 Now Playing Amazon’s new Echo speaker […]

“Mid Century Modern”

Mid-century modern furniture and decor are on the rise in the United States, and we’re celebrating the retro trend with some of our favorite items.The home bar, for example, features classic cabinets and modern styling with a modern touch.From vintage chairs to modern wall hangings, we’ve got everything you need to start a new trend.In […]

How to buy $100,000 worth of furniture with a $30,000 loan

Here’s what you need to know about home improvement and financing for people living in a budget.1 of 11 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × 10 big-ticket items you’ll need to buy for your next big purchase View Photos Here are the top items to consider buying for your big-buck budget.Buy or rent: The […]

How to find your perfect office chair – Bob’s Discount

A good office chair can be one of the best buys in the office.We all want to sit comfortably and be able to work at our desk, but a good office seat can also be a great source of relaxation.Here’s how to find the perfect chair for your office.1.Choose a good chair design.There are many […]

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