How to make a water tank from liquidators

The liquidators of the future will be equipped with a water filtration system and a portable air purifier that can be used to clean water off your home and away from your body.You’ll also be able to clean your home with your own home-brewed coffee or tea or even a spray bottle. Liquidators can purify a […]

What’s wrong with ‘pink’ hotel rooms?

The new pink hotel rooms in the capital are a big hit among tourists and many of the hotels are already offering discounts on their stays, says the hotel industry website the website warns that “pink” hotels can be pricey and that some may not be suitable for new guests.“While some of the rooms […]

How to dress to impress your next job

It’s no secret that fashion and glamour are now a must for a career in fashion, but the industry still doesn’t quite know how to break through to the next level.What you’ll learn: The secret to dressing in the style of your dreams and making the most of your current positionThe importance of using modern […]

3 dead in fire at Sears, Sears Tower

Three people died after a fire at a Sears Tower apartment complex in Minneapolis on Saturday.The fire was reported at about 10:30 p.m. local time, Minneapolis fire department spokesman Sean O’Connell said.No other injuries were reported.The blaze was under control by about 1 a.m., he said.There were no signs of structural damage, and firefighters were […]

How to Save Your Home from a Home Loss

We’re all familiar with the classic house adage: “buy now, sell later.”But if you don’t live in a house, what are you supposed to do?That’s what I did.That’s why, when the time comes to sell, I knew I wanted to keep my house in good shape.That was why, even though I owned a small condo, […]

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